Jeff Christian and Backable CEOs

Jeff Christian is considered one of the pioneers in Talent Equity and the Backable CEO model. Talent Equity mobilizes the extraordinary leadership talent and ideal financial resources required to transform an idea or a company into a market leader. Jeff partners with Private Equity firms and Backable CEOs to consolidate fragmented markets as well as to build market leading companies from the ground up.

The Backable CEO is a visionary and transformational leader who possesses a unique set of qualities and experiences that allow him or her to take anything from a start up, an idea or a mediocre performing company and make it a market leader.

Backable CEOs are becoming increasingly in demand as more and more private equity firms, investors and corporations adopt the talent driven model. As the need for great CEO talent has become more competitive and exacting, the definition of what makes a great CEO becomes more distinct.

The Backable CEO could be someone who is currently running a company or knows of an underperforming multi-billion dollar corporation we can take private. They could be in between opportunities (just sold one of their successes) and looking for a new opportunity or the number 2 at a large corporation. The Backable CEO could equally be the CEO of a multi-billion company today but wants to build a legacy for themselves. Our unique Backable CEO model includes the ability to provide capital for the most successful leader to immediately acquire a 3 billion dollar company.

Jeff Chrisitan & Co will provide $5m in start up capital for the CEO to begin to build their leadership team & to start to build the company. We then provide approximately $200m that can be leveraged to a billion in buying power to start doing acquisitions. Equally the first acquisitions may be taking private a troubled multi billion company or buying a multi-billion dollar division of a company. At that point both Jeff Christian & Co and our financial partner will help this new team in aggressively identifying acquisition opportunities, sometimes we already have an acquisition that this person can run.

We are interested in any great leader in any industry and we work within multiple industries but we primarily focus on software, social media, internet, e commerce, sales and marketing automation, professional services, financial services, healthcare services and data companies.

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